Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Lenin's "Useful Idiots"

Despite the health warnings there are still people claiming that there is some truth in the latest batch of false stories provided by Kate and Gerry McCann and their media team.

There is none whatever. Exactly as there was none whatever in Kate & Gerry McCann' s lies to the British press pack described in the health warning yesterday. Exactly as Gerry McCann's "illness" described in his blog to augment the lies to the press was a complete invention to disguise the fact that they were being investigated. And there are more examples.

We'll take one "Useful Idiot", in Lenin's phrase to stand for all, a Twitter entity calling itself Stephen Motson who claims, among other wind,  to be a "private investigator".

Motson has stated that the claims made by the three liars are true. He has been asked on twitter #mccann today to quote the words that back up his claims. He has wriggled, he has bluffed, he has insulted, he has lied. But the one thing he can't produce are words that the British and Portuguese police and Whitehall civil servants used.

Because there aren't any.

Prize Time

"Scotland Yard are now investigating as high priority a critical new lead: that Madeleine McCann was abducted by a gang of people traffickers."
No, they are not. The Bureau offers a free Kindle copy of the AJS comic masterpiece No Stone Unturned to the first person producing  words from Scotland Yard, not anonymous liars, stating this.      
Senior  Whitehall officials have been briefed about it  by the   police because it is so important.
No, they have not. The same prize is offered for any words from police or civil servants, not anonymous liars, stating this.  
As a result extra funding has been granted for more months of investigation.
No, it has not.
Even the trolls aren't claiming that that lie is true.   
The Metropolitan Police are calling this the "last throw of the dice".
No, they are not. The same prize for these words uttered  by a Yard officer, not an anonymous liar.
The Portuguese police have said that both they and the British are focusing on this "latest theory".
No, they have not.
The same prize for any words from any Portuguese police officer stating this, either on or off the record.

Note for Useful Idiots and pretendy private investigators: when a story quotes a "source" as the origin of what the police are claiming, that means "not a police source" - otherwise they call it a "police source". Get it?

Motson, the "private investigator" is therefore either a troll or a moron lacking text comprehension, or, as is likely, both. But readers interested in these things should go back to the original reports themselves and see exactly how this team of nauseating liars structure their stories in order to deceive not just useful idiots but ordinary members of the public.  As they have been doing since they were first investigated in 2007. That's what they do.